a little bit about myself

CL Hart resides outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her wife and their four - footed family

I have always been a writer, pen to paper or fingertips on a keyboard, it doesn't really matter to me, all I want to do it create. Poetry, music, stories or novels, I want to bring you into my world. Climb the rugged peaks of snowcapped mountains, or tumble and stumble down into the darkness of the valleys where we learn who we are and what we are made of. Rise to the challenges of life, following the twists and turns that force us to make the changes and choices, hopefully creating a great story along the way. It's not always pretty, and the stories don't always go in the direction the readers want, but I will take you on a journey. 

I write what I like to read. I get bored easily, so my stories have to keep me interested. I like to create characters who may be bigger than  life, but who aren't perfect; characters who haven't always made the best  or smartest choices. My life hasn't always been perfect, there have been many ups and down, and it has been anything but normal. So I guess that comes out in my writings. It was an accident at work that brought my life to a complete standstill and I was lost. Several people guided me toward the written word... storytelling, and after a few attempts on the internet under the pseudonym Sinful, I finally created my first novel - Facing Evil. Four years later, I finished my award winning novel - From a Distance.

CL Hart - author