From a Distance

Who do you trust when you have no one left but yourself?

Kenzie is a military trained assassin, hunting her newest target in Mexico. Cori is a student at the University of Guadalajara. Their lives will come together one hot afternoon under a flurry of gun fire. Questioning the lies around them, they will soon learn that they can not live without each other. On the run from an unknown enemy, they must learn to trust each other in order to survive long enough to get the answers they seek.

Detective Abby Stanfield worked tirelessly to bring serial killer Billy Ward to justice, but when his case is thrown out of court, Abby loses control and publicly threatens to kill him. Forced to take a leave of absence from her job, Abby heads to a mountain resort where she meets Sarah Murphy.

Abby and Sarah experience many twists and turns - love, heartache, and the brutality of a serial killer. But can they survive the biggest twist? Billy ends up dead and Abby is the prime suspect.


CL Hart - author

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Facing Evil 2nd Ed.

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Facing Evil 3rd Edition

2019 version by  Audible Inc

2019 paperback (3rd Edition) 

From a Distance - Audible Inc audiobook